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Vickie headshot bio3I work with women who have experienced a midlife divorce and are ready to create a new life that they love. To see my training and credentials, they’re at the bottom of this page.

It’s daunting to start a new chapter in your life at any age, but especially at midlife. Let me help you write your new chapter and fill it with a vision you love, a sense of adventure, and an openness to new possibilities.

I’ve had three life-changing new chapters: one unplanned, one unexpected, and one I chose.

My Unplanned Chapter

My unplanned chapter was my divorce, of course. (Aren’t they all unplanned?) What an emotional roller-coaster! I felt unsure of myself and of the future, overwhelmed with all the decisions I faced, afraid of making mistakes, worried about my job (the divorce was distracting me at work) and worried about my finances. At times I felt lonely and wondered if I could manage on my own.

But life goes on and mine did, too. After the divorce was settled I was ready to figure out what I wanted next. That’s when I was hit by a tough realization: during my marriage I had stopped being true to myself. I had compromised my own values and lost touch with what was important to me. I became determined to find myself again.

It took a lot of time and effort but I did learn to believe in myself again and trust myself. I finally let go of the past and focused on my future. I got to know me and unearthed what is important to me. I discovered an inner strength I didn’t know I had and felt strong and capable again.

And gradually, I stopped feeling lonely. I spent more time with close friends. I explored new activities and made new friends along the way. To my amazement I discovered that life can be good after divorce. Really!

The transformation I experienced took a long while to evolve. I didn’t have the benefit and support of a life coach. But you do. With my help, you can quickly move into your new chapter and create a life you will absolutely love.

As for relationships, I was not in a hurry to get involved again, so I was really surprised when it happened! That leads me to my Unexpected Chapter.

My Unexpected Chapter

Meeting Bill and getting married again was an unexpected new chapter and a delightful one. We met on a ski hill. Taking ski lessons was one of my “new chapter” activities and Bill was in my ski class. Having a shared interest made getting to know one another easier. We let the friendship unfold, enjoying each other’s company before we started officially dating.

I learned from my first marriage that a shared interest isn’t enough for a lasting relationship. What is key is having shared values. For me, it was essential that my new partner be kind, considerate, and thoughtful. That’s Bill (with a touch of romance).

Our blended family now includes Bill’s two daughters, six grandchildren, my daughter, Jennifer, and her husband, Will. We still have fun with our favourite activities – skiing, golfing, and travelling.

Helping you identify your core values is an important part of my coaching program How To Live Your Best Life After A Midlife Divorce . Knowing your core values is the foundation of creating the life that you love. 

The Chapter I Chose

The chapter I chose was to change careers and become a professional life coach. It began when I had one of those moments of wondering: “Is this it?” 

At the time I worked at a law firm on Wills and Estates. I enjoyed the “people part” of the job but there was something missing. It would have been easy to let the idea of changing careers drift into wishful thinking and become a “some day” thing. But I learned to pay attention to my inner guidance.

I knew if I didn’t at least explore other possibilities, I would always regret it. I wanted a career that would make a difference in peoples’ lives. It took eight months of research but when I found life coaching, I knew it was for me.

My Training

I’ve been coaching for over 15 years and specialize in working with women who’ve experienced a midlife divorce. I help them live a life that that expresses who they are and what they love – their best life.

I graduated from the pre-eminent Coaches Training Institute in California and its certification course (CPCC). I earned the designation of Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF). The ICF sets the standards and Code of Ethics for the coaching profession. I am a member of the ICF and its Ottawa Chapter.

I am also a member of the Collaborative Practice Ottawa (CPO) and on its Board of Directors. CPO, also known s Collaborative Family Law, helps couples bring a peaceful and equitable conclusion to their relationship without resorting to the court system.

If you are a woman who is ready to move on after the upheaval of a midlife divorce, I can help. Contact me to schedule a FREE Re-Write Your Life Session - and get started on your life’s new chapter now. 



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If you are a woman who is ready to move on after the upheaval of a midlife divorce, I can help. Contact me to schedule your FREE Re-Write Your Life Session - and get started on your life’s new chapter now.

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