During Divorce Process “After working with Vickie, I realized that I had given up my own values during my marriage. With her guidance I learned to rediscover what really matters to me. Most importantly, I am now able to stand my ground and do what is right for me. With Vickie's help I am feeling stronger and more authentic. The “homework” made me think. The “checking-in sessions” made me want to take action. If I was having difficulty with specific issues, Vickie helped me figure out why I was stuck. Doing this program is one of the best decisions I have ever made.” I.G.


Midlife Divorce "Working with Vickie after my mid-life divorce has greatly accelerated the process of healing and moving forward with my life. With her guidance and encouragement, I've been able to explore new beginnings and possibilities with optimism and confidence. Vickie's coaching was personalized to meet my needs and together we explored all aspects that touch my life. I felt comfortably challenged and fully supported as I moved towards my "new normal". I would fully recommend Vickie's coaching services." A.C.


Retired and Divorced In Midlife "Four months ago I was feeling aimless and discouraged. How could this be when eight years ago I sold my business at the age of 50, have been comfortably retired since, and 4 1/2 years ago my unhappy marriage of thirty years ended? A friend suggested I contact Vickie Townson, Life Coach, and I was ready. Over the last 4 months, Vickie has helped me understand who I am as an individual, and what my vision is for the coming years. I am now content and happy moving forward in my life. Thank you, Vickie!" L.S.


Midlife Divorce "I can only express my deepest gratitude for the service you offer. It is a gift in itself to meet someone who lives and role models compassion for self and others and who offers their skills and knowledge with genuine passion and inspiration...Divorce touches every aspect of being - you touch on each aspect with skill and wisdom and help us to turn our loving attention to address each need. Your adaptive program is brilliant - no two people are the same, yet we all have the same aspects to address. Through this program I feel catapulted into the best possible outcome of my midlife divorce! It's like what could have dragged on for years and never really had closure...has been accomplished in a few months!" J.T.M


What I Always Wanted To Do "Vickie helped me start doing what I always wanted to do but hadn't made it a personal priority. It has taught me that doing so is not a selfish thing." A.W.


True Calling "Vickie has guided me towards my true calling. By bringing me gently but persistently to the place within myself where truth is known - the heart level - Vickie has helped me to find the courage to make the radical changes that needed to be made in my life. The difference between making them and avoiding them is the difference between a life of regrets and a life lived fully." G.A.


Vision Of New Me "The best part of my coaching program was the vision of the "new me". I felt better about myself and confident about a new direction I was about to take. The 3 months coaching went by quickly and was a stepping-stone for new thinking and a positive way of looking at life which had been lacking in my day-to-day life." D.S.


Following My Heart "Vickie's masterful skills subtly honed in on the unanswered questions in my life. As we tackled them together, this leg of the journey changed from one of self-doubting and uncertainty to one of exploration and opportunity. I now have such a truer understanding of who I am and where I am going. I feel very empowered, perhaps more than at any other time in my life. I now know that I can use my gifts and follow my heart to become my true, authentic self." E.G.


Respecting My Needs "I was in a space where I definitely needed to re-create my life so that I could interact with people in a way that met my needs and still respected the needs of the people around me. With Vickie's help I have accomplished this. My thanks, Vickie, for helping me to a new persona and thus a new life!" J.H.


More Confidence "Vickie not only helped me to become more organized and productive but empowered me to learn to say 'no' and take time to nurture myself. I feel less stressed in my daily life. I now have more confidence enabling me to undertake new challenges, which a year ago, I wouldn't have attempted." B.M.




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