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Image of the book, An Inspirational Moment e-bookIn 2005, my love of writing and collecting favourite quotations led me to create "An Inspirational Moment" - a short monthly e-zine for my clients and contacts.


"An Inspirational Moment" begins with a quote, continues with a short reflection, and ends with a coaching question. My intention was for the quotation to have relevance and meaning for the reader.


The feedback from many recipients was that "An Inspirational Moment" was often timely and was the one e-mail they were sure to read.


The following are some of the comments I have received over the years:


"Vickie, I loved your Inspirational Moment! Many thanks! The ultimate compliment in my house is that it is cut out and on my bulletin board." C.C.

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for your inspirational moments. You know I enjoy it so much and somehow it always says the right thing to me...It's very much appreciated and I wanted to say a great big thank you to you." P.A.

"Thanks Vickie. As it happens, your "Inspirational Moment" is very apropos this morning because of a work situation last night." C.B.
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Life is full of endings and new beginnings and the same applies to e-zines.


There came a time when I knew I was ready to end the monthly "An Inspirational Moment" and begin something new - my "Life’s New Chapter” e-zine.


The good news is that I created "An Inspirational Moment Collection" e-book. And the e-book is just that - a collection of over 60 of my favourites.


Click below to obtain your personal copy of "An Inspirational Moment Collection" e-book.

Cost: $19.95


For the "Collection", I have included a section at the end of each page so you can add your own thoughts and reflection


"An Inspirational Moment Collection" e-book can be used in a variety of ways, including:

For daily or weekly inspiration

• Read and reflect on An Inspirational Moment starting at Page 1 and continuing through the collection as part of your daily meditation or quiet time.

"Dipping" or choosing a page randomly for inspiration

• Trust that the Inspirational Moment you land on is the one you were meant to find.

By theme

• When you want a specific theme to inspire you. Search through the Table of Contents for a theme that resonates with you or seems to fit where you are in that moment. For example, it may be a theme on balance when you are feeling overwhelmed with the demands of work and family.

Take time to be inspired!



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