How To Live Your Best Life After A Midlife Divorce
With Clarity, Confidence and Connection

Have you dealt with the emotional roller coaster of your midlife divorce and are now ready to move forward?

Are you wondering "now what?" and unsure of the direction to take?

Whether your divorce was your choice or not, I know the journey can be a roller-coaster of emotions, often questioning yourself, and your judgment. It's not unusual to feel unsettled or apprehensive at the uncertainty of what lies ahead.

new possibilities 505Yet in the midst of the uncertainty, do you recognize that your divorce was also a time of learning and growth? Do you feel some excitement at the idea of exploring new possibilities?

I remember thinking after my divorce that it wasn't something I would have wished for, but I knew I was stronger for the experience.

What if you took the time to become reacquainted with yourself, explored new possibilities, and created an environment that allows you to flourish?

What if you had coaching support to deepen the understanding of yourself, have a greater awareness of what's right for you, and handle any stumbling locks that get in the way?

That's what my "How To Live Your Best Life After A Midlife Divorce" Program is all about.

"Through this program I feel catapulted into the best possible outcome of my midlife divorce! It's like what could have dragged on for years and never really had closure...has been accomplished in a few months!"J.T.M
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Through the Program, you will:

  • Midlife Divorce croppedBecome re-acquainted with yourself in your new circumstances. Before starting any new relationship, you will focus on your most important relationship, the one with yourself. By taking this crucial first step, you ensure that your new relationships compliment your life.
  • Clarify what is important to you now, as you explore new possibilities for what's next. As you get to know yourself better, you will recognize that your priorities have shifted as a result of your divorce. New opportunities await you. By taking the time to clarify what you want now, you are better prepared for life's second half.
  • woman paintingReconnect with the dreams and desires put on hold or fresh ideas calling you now. You will uncover how to let go of the "shoulds" and "have tos" and be empowered to create the space in your life for what you want. You have a wealth of life experience to draw upon as you listen to your heart and trust yourself.
  • Renew and expand your social circle with confidence. You may be missing the companionship of being part of a couple and being single again can feel daunting at times. Learn a key strategy that will make expanding your social circle easier and enjoyable.
  • womanjoggingDevelop effective strategies that nurture you and enhance your health and well-being. You know self-care is important but too often good intentions fall by the wayside. By creating your own self-care routine, it's much easier to make a healthy lifestyle part of your daily life.
  • Tame your inner-critic and access your inner wisdom. It's easy to judge yourself harshly and be your own worst critic. It's a habit that many of us fall into. As you start taming your inner critic, you have access to your inner wisdom.
  • piggy bankExplore your relationship with money so you stay on track with your financial goals. Your relationship with money (yes, we all have one!) impacts your approach to your finances and your spending habits. With clarity on your money relationship, you can take a fresh look at your budget, spending, and financial goals.


  • Handle any stumbling blocks that get in the way of moving forward. Stumbling blocks often occur when you are making important changes in your life. Events may not unfold exactly as you expected or as quickly as you hoped. With my coaching support, you will discover how stumbling blocks can become stepping-stones in creating your new life chapter.


  • woman visionCreate a vision of your life that excites you and be empowered to take action. When your vision comes from your heart and honours you, taking action is easy and exciting.


“Working with Vickie after my mid-life divorce has greatly accelerated the process of healing and moving forward with my life. With her guidance and encouragement, I've been able to explore new beginnings and possibilities with optimism and confidence. I would fully recommend Vickie's coaching services.” A.C
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Program Format

The "How To Live Your Best Life After A Midlife Divorce" Program is a five-month Program that starts as soon as you register. Upon registration, I will send you Pre-Work Questions to help you begin clarifying your vision of what's next.

The Program continues with an in-person 2-hour session. We will review the Pre-Work Questions and gain a better understanding of what is important to you now and for the future. It is an opportunity for us to get better acquainted as we review in more detail how we will be working together.

The Program continues bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) with eight 1-hour telephone sessions from the comfort and convenience of your home. Each session includes personal coaching with me as we follow the Program Worksheets and Exercises. You will also have e-mail access with me between sessions. The Program sessions are held at dates and times as agreed between us.

Remember, a divorce in midlife reshapes the vision of your life and redefines who you are. The good news is that it can be the catalyst for creating a fulfilling new chapter in your life.

Interested? Questions?

Contact me and I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have and assist you in making the decision that is best for you.

“After working with Vickie, I realized that I had given up my own values during my marriage. With her guidance I learned to rediscover what really matters to me. Most importantly, I am now able to stand my ground and do what is right for me. Doing this program is one of the best decisions I have ever made.” I.G.



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